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1.Standards on clean air system in the design of the operating room system of the beauty salon.

The clean air systems of beauty clinic rooms are usually sterile air systems with positive pressure. This system is designed to include:

+ UV pre-treatment air sterilizer: UV rays will increase the efficiency of air pasteurization before passing through the hepa filter.

+ Hepa micro-level air filter: this filter can hold 99.9% of pollutant particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns, ensuring maximum clean air inside the operating room.

+ Positive pressure generator: Has the function of preventing bacteria from penetrating from outside, limiting oxygen deficiency during prolonged surgeries or with many participants.


2.Lighting system standards in the design of beauty clinic room systems.

When designing the lighting system in the salon operating room, the designer needs to divide it into overall lighting and local lighting. The general illuminance of the operating room is about 300 – 700 lux.

In addition, ensuring the noise level will also help surgeons focus on their work, this parameter should be less than 50 Db. At the same time, hand sanitizer systems and sanitizer sinks should be provided in the area adjacent to the operating room. Accordingly, before entering the operating room, the surgeon is required to wash his hands in accordance with regulations.

3.Clean room design standards for surgery rooms of beauty clinic .

The cleanroom standard of beauty salon operating rooms in Vietnam is at level 7, the standard of 352,000 particles of 0.5 microns / 1m3 of air. When designing a salon operating room system, clean air should be drained, and at the same time, excess air should be sucked directly from the machine out of the operating room, ensuring the highest sterility, preventing destruction of the operating area during the procedure. surgical process.

The clean operating room also includes a high-class automatic door system, ensuring absolute separation between the environment inside and outside the operating room.

4.Some indispensable equipment in the design of beauty salon operating room systems.

4.1 Ceiling-mounted operating lights or portable operating lights.

There are basically 2 types of lights used in beauty salon operating rooms: ceiling-mounted operating lights or portable operating lights. Ceiling lights help save space for the operating room, and easier operation during surgery. Portable lamps are suitable for use when performing minor surgeries.

4.2 Operating bed

The operating bed has two types: hydraulic mechanical operating bed and multi-purpose electro-hydraulic operating one. The hydraulic-mechanical operating bed has the advantage of being cheaper, suitable for minor surgeries, surgeries that do not need to move much in the operating room of the beauty salon. As for the electro-hydraulic multi-function operating bed, many beauty salons choose to use it in more complicated surgeries, longer time and need to change different positions. It is cheaper and more suitable. for minor surgeries, surgeries that don’t need to move much in the salon operating room.

4.3 Sterile hand washing sinks

Currently, Vietnam has produced sterile hand washing sinks that ensure safety standards for beauty salon operating rooms in particular and hospitals in general. Depending on the needs of use, beauty salons can choose the function of a sink with 1 tap, 2 faucets or 3 faucets.

4.4 Patient monitoring device

Patient monitor is a device used to measure and monitor patient’s situation. This device is commonly used in recovery rooms, emergencies, operating rooms at general hospitals and also beauty salon operating rooms.

Patient monitor deivces have the function of continuously monitoring and updating vital indicators so that doctors can evaluate the progress of the surgery and the patient’s health. In addition to monitoring, these types of devices can also report abnormal events that occur in the patient’s body during surgery.

4.5 Autoclaves

In the design of the beauty salon operating room system, people are very interested in sterilizing and sterilizing operating room instruments to improve the efficiency of examination and treatment and avoid cross-contamination through instruments in the operating room.

In the past, the sterilization methods commonly used in beauty salon operating rooms were: using antiseptic solutions, disinfectant solutions,… the effectiveness of disinfection and sterilization is not high because some pathogens are resistant to the above substances. But when using an autoclave, with high temperature and pressure, the sterilization process takes place more effectively, completely destroying bacteria on the surface of the instrument.

Therefore, when designing a beauty salon operating room system, we should equip an autoclave to ensure better sterility.

When designing a beauty salon operating room system, depending on their needs, facilities can choose autoclaves with steamer sizes from 20L to 300L.

The above are the standards when designing beauty salon operating rooms as well as the necessary equipment in operating rooms. Through this article, we hope you have gained useful information to evaluate beauty salon operating rooms with quality and safety standards.


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